Scott Melker continues to invest in YFL

One of the most interesting situations facing the crypto world today is that Bitcoin is not the center of attention for investors. In the midst of the boom in decentralized finance, most crypto users are aware of what’s happening with the price of other crypto currencies. This has led to the rise of currencies such as Ethereum. As well as movements such as that of Scott Melker, who continues to invest in YFL as he commented in the Tweet of the day:

YFI triples Bitcoin in value

Scott Melker trusts YFL
Practically no one related to the crypto market is unaware of the existence of In just a couple of months, this decentralized finance project has become one of the most important crypto currencies in the world. It has managed to go from a launch price of 0 dollars to the 22,529 dollars it is currently quoted at. After having reached a maximum of 34,136 dollars starting in September.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that projects related to attract the attention of the public. With investors awaiting the possible emergence of a project that will repeat the success of In order to capitalize on the enormous benefits that could be generated by a virtual currency with these characteristics.

It is thanks to this that an Ethereum token like YF Link (YFL), which emerged from a fork of, has managed to convince important investors like Scott Melker to enter its market. Achieving in less than a month reach a peak of $ 1467, before retreating to its current price of $ 595. Despite this, Melker remains optimistic about YFL:

„I’m buying YFL again, it’s been the easiest trade ever and again and again.

With this message, Scott Melker shows his confidence in a new rebound in the price of YFL. This also coincides with his optimism of the past few days regarding the future of decentralized finance projects. A prediction that, coming from a veteran investor like Melker, should be taken into account.

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